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24. Mai 2024
AI WEIWEI: Ceramics writes art history
But it is not only the artworks that cross borders, but also the production of the valuable ceramic objects. Ai Weiwei works closely with the Gmundner Keramik Manufaktur in the historic Salzkammergut region of Austria
21. Mai 2024
MAK | Lena Knebl | Gmundner Keramik
One highlight was the special edition plate by Jakob Lena Knebl, realised by Gmundner Keramik, on which the dinner was served.
17. April 2024
„Moss People“ Kim Simonsson – Exhibition AoCG
Kim Simonsson is an international artist who is giving new impetus to ceramic art.
09. April 2024
Mediterranean flair with Gmundner Keramik
The navy blue flamed design evokes holiday feelings with its maritime colour scheme and, together with the red lobster as an eye-catching motif, awakens wanderlust for the coast, sea and sun
20. März 2024
Colourful diversity with the rainbow design
The "Rainbow" collection combines high table culture and exuberant cheerfulness.
27. Februar 2024
All in white and tangibly beautiful: the "white flamed" is the discreet, timelessly elegant classic from the popular "flamed" series
07. Februar 2024
Fine ceramic art celebrates spring
Easter is just around the corner and brings friends and family together. A festively laid table often becomes the social centerpiece.
22. November 2023
20,000 visitors to the Academy of Ceramics exhibition
On 16 November, the Academy of Ceramics exhibition welcomed its 20,000th visitor.
03. November 2023
Art & aid project Namibia: The ceramics of the SAN
The high artistic skills of the artists in Donkerbos led to the idea of creating a SAN ceramic edition in 2022. The result was a unique project.
07. September 2023
The pleasure of tradition: Christmas & New Year’s Eve
06. September 2023
New Africa designs & The iconic elephant teapot
The Gmundner Ceramics Manufactory and the unique Africa ...
27. April 2023
Shop opening in Anif
Markus Friesacher opens the first Gmundner Keramik Manufaktur sale in Salzburg
26. April 2023
Personalised Children’s set
A unique gift full of craftsmanship, an individual favorite piece and a wonderful memory. The personalised Children’s set of Gmundner Keramik is something very special.
26. April 2023
Mother’s Day: Love needs appreciation
Mother's Day with Gmundner ceramics
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