Mediterranean flair and summery lightness epitomise the natural beauty of the design.

Get away from it all, unwind at the nearest beach bar by the sea or in a small bay by the lake – that’s what freedom feels like. The new design is inspired precisely by this feeling of summery lightness: The „turquoise flamed“ combines the calming effect of blue with the invigorating radiance of green, creating a harmonious and versatile colour nuance. As an accent on the pure white ceramic, the traditional patterns in turquoise exude Mediterranean flair and bring a piece of nature directly to the laid table.

The new collection with five selected products – drinking cups, cereal bowls, breakfast cups, dessert plates and dinner plates – reflects the high standard of combining traditional craftsmanship with a modern lifestyle.


Each piece is made with great attention to detail and is unique. This is because the „flamed“ design is created by carefully spraying the colour onto the ceramic, applying it in a perfectly shaped manner and always bearing a personal signature. The organically flowing lines radiate a natural freshness in the new turquoise colour.


The service is a real eye-catcher, especially in the sunny season, and picks up on the play of colours of the water between blue and green by the pool, lake or sea. The natural beauty of the design blends idyllically into the light, summery atmosphere and creates an inviting, elegant ambience.


Thanks to the perfect colour harmony, the turquoise flamed collection allows for wonderful combinations with green, blue and dark blue flames and thus constantly new design ideas. This makes every summer day a special experience.