Colourful diversity

Rainbow design🌈

Our ceramic collections always combine refined aesthetics with an elegant look. With our latest flamed design ‘Rainbow’, we continue this tradition in an enchanting way. This diverse collection celebrates the beauty and vibrancy of nature by celebrating the different colours of the rainbow. Each piece is carefully crafted by hand, making it a unique one-off that embodies both sophisticated tableware and a cheerful atmosphere.

The creative possibilities of this design are as varied as its nuances. From plates and mugs to bowls and accessories, this collection enriches every table with vibrant colours and radiates an infectious cheerfulness. Whether for a festive occasion or a relaxed Sunday breakfast with the family – the ‘Rainbow’ design always ensures a good mood and a successful start to the day.

The Gmunden Bong

The Gmunden Keramik Bong has its origins in a satirical article and an art project from 2023, which took place as part of the ‘Academy of Ceramics Gmunden’. Due to the strong demand and positive media coverage, we decided to further develop the bong in collaboration with our experienced ceramists. Each piece is made by hand and is unique. The bong is currently available in three different designs: ‘Green flamed’, ‘Rainbow’ and ‘Alpine flowers’.

For individual wishes, we also offer personalisation and special designs, which can be realised on request. Each bong is supplied with a matching glass insert and is fully functional.