Wild on venison: The best venison recipe ideas for autumn

As soon as the leaves change colour and nature glows in warm tones, the motto is: autumn season is venison season. And like many venison lovers, we are also wild about venison. Because no other meat is as typical of autumn as venison. Therefor venison dishes are an absolute must in the golden season and surprise the palate of friends and family. But a feast only becomes unforgettable when the sequence is right. We have taken this to heart and are giving you tips for the right decorations, suggestions for starters and desserts and help with the choice of wine. And of course we have the best ideas for venison recipes.

The right starter for venison dishes

For the perfect menu, an appetiser must not be missing to get the guests in the mood for the venison dish. Chestnuts are particularly harmonious with venison and typical of autumn. Whether as chestnut puree with venison, glazed chestnuts or chestnut sauce – they bring the heartiness of the forest to the plate and ennoble venison recipes of all kinds with their full-bodied taste. Especially because venison tends to taste slightly sweet, this is softened by the earthy flavour of chestnuts.


Nevertheless, the starter should not be too decadent. The guests should only be made curious about the venison dish and not become too full. Puff pastry pockets filled with chestnut puree-hearty or chestnut puree-sweet are exciting canapés that can be served as an aperitif. However, if you want to offer your guests something more substantial as an appetiser, resort to a chestnut soup complemented with a root vegetable such as parsnips.

The right wine for venison

In addition to a starter that prepares you for the venison menu, the choice of wine is also an important point. There are white and red wines to choose from, but also a good rosé wine. Which red wine is chosen with venison depends on the type of meat. Roe, deer and wild boar benefit from the full-bodied taste of a strong red wine. However, the red wine should definitely be served in a red wine glass, because it can only fully develop its flavour in this glass.


For a long time, it was considered that white wine was not compatible with venison because the taste of these wines was too light for the venison meat. But now white wine is allowed with venison. And a rosé wine may also be served with it. Of course, both wines are more suitable for hare and pheasant. For this meat, the fresh taste of the white wine is a good companion. With white wine, too, it is important to choose the right wine glass so that it can develop its aromas.

The most popular venison recipes

The starter and the wine have been chosen. Now the question arises as to which venison speciality should be prepared for the guests. To make the decision easier, we have put together the most popular venison dishes:


Deer stew / deer medallions


Very popular with deer fans is the back, which can be roasted whole. However, many deer eaters prefer to use the tender fillets from the back. This is because deer medallions are simply roasted like beef fillets. But a deer stew infused with autumnal flavours is also always popular with venison lovers.


Wild boar goulash / roast wild boar


Not only known to Asterix and Obelix as their favourite dish – venison lovers also enjoy a piece of roast wild boar on their plate. Anyone who has tried wild boar meat will rave about the taste and the juicy texture, which is due to the high fat content. However, a rustic wild boar goulash may also be served.


Roast roe / saddle of roe


Roe and deer may resemble each other, but venison lovers can taste a difference. A tender roast roe is suitable for venison beginners as well as for professionals. However, the absolute highlight in autumn for fans is the whole roast saddle of roe. This is classically cooked whole in the oven.

A harmonious dessert for the venison season

Dark chocolate rounds off the feast. Some hosts serve chocolate sauce immediately with the venison or mix dark chocolate into the sauce for the main course. If you don’t want this, end the autumn dinner with a chocolatey dessert. Either serve a few pieces of dark chocolate on beautiful dessert plates or keep it traditional with the dessert and serve ‚Sachertörtchen‘, for example.

A harmonious decoration for the venison dinner

The eye also wants to be pleased – which is why it is all the more important to provide the perfect decoration. For this purpose, leaves, branches and chestnuts can be spread on the dining table. These decorative elements are then complemented with candleholder, napkins and vases with a deer motif. However, if you would rather go for hunting décor, you can choose a tableware set on the theme of ‚hunter’s delight‘.


‚Wild on venison‘ is not only a motto for autumn. But in the colourful season, it is a special treat that says goodbye to summer, welcomes autumn and sets the mood for winter.