About us

Carolin & Sascha

We are Carolin & Sascha from the Kirchdorf/Krems region in beautiful Upper Austria.


As travel and lifestyle bloggers, we are known by the online moniker of mrandmrsheigl. We created our Instagram profile six years ago and initially only used it to share photos with friends. But the more we travelled around the world and shared these experiences with the community, the more our number of subscribers grew. We regularly post pictures of our trips and mountain tours as well as snapshots of our everyday life and special occasions, such as the pictures of our wedding.


We are now expanding our online presence beyond Instagram, which will enable us to share longer text to accompany the many pictures we share with our over 5,000 followers. In summer 2019, we launched our blog mrandmrsheigl.



Carolin is a huge fan of the traditional Green Flamed pattern, whether it’s on pasta plates or cocoa mugs. Sascha, on the other hand, likes to wake up to a cup of coffee in his favourite Red Flamed cup. And both have fallen in love with the White Flamed collection launched in 2019. The White Flamed design is traditional, yet innovative, elegant and tactile.

For us, Gmundner ceramics is a piece of Austria that you can proudly hold in the palm of your hands.
Carolin & Sascha Heigl


We’ve been workings as lifestyle bloggers for the heritage company Gmundner Keramik for more than a year now and are always glad to meet the friendly members of the team at the manufactory in Gmunden or when we bump into them from time to time at a private event in Upper Austria.

Gmundner Keramik has played a role in our families for generations. Especially on special occasions, such as Christmas dinner when the most beautiful Gmundner ceramic set was taken out of the cupboard and proudly displayed. But our parents and grandparents also liked to serve afternoon coffee in Gmundner Keramik ceramic cups. We live not far from Gmunden, so the ceramics for us stand for homeland and tradition. A tradition that we are proud to continue.


We are therefore delighted that although Gmundner Keramik is developing new designs, it has remained true to its heritage. Apart from the great designs, the ceramics are characterised by timelessness and outstanding quality. During our tour of the manufactory in Gmunden, we were able to see how the ceramics are made and hand-painted: the handcraftsmanship creates unique one-of-a-kind products. No two cups are alike; no plate is exactly the same as the next. For us, Gmundner ceramics is a piece of Austria that we proudly hold in the palm of our hands.


Best regards,

Carolin & Sascha