Easter with inspiring ideas full of added value


Simply fix two cereal bowls with a ribbon and fill it with delicious Easter delicacies. The green-flamed egg from Gmundner Keramik!


And it doesn’t have to be new!

Re-loved Revolution: Developing new ideas from the old not only unleashes great potential, but is above all sustainable.


For „Easter“ trendsetters, we recommend the hippest „egg cup“ ever: Simply wrap an Easter egg in a Gmundner Keramik handleless mug.


Every recipient will be delighted with this great mug from which coffee can be enjoyed in the the future.


The nicest Easter nest this year comes in the soup bowl from Gmundner Keramik.


Whether it’s a historical find from grandma’s cupboard or a new addition to the Gmundner Keramik range, the Easter nest is perfect to use afterwards.


The Gmundner Keramik storage tin can also be transformed into a stylisch Easter nest.

DIY idea

If you can’t get enough of Gmundner Keramik, simply paint the Gmundner Keramik Designs onto Easter eggs yourself and decorate the Easter bush in a vase.